Mountain Ecology

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Mountain ecology and love for nature and mountains led us to get involved in all these projects.
Everything surrounding us is closely related to mountain ecology, whether we live in the city or nearby mountains.
Besides the vital importance of it, it is necessary to see the various goods offered: food, fiber, medicines, construction materials, relaxation and contemplation of nature, and the essential services such as climate regulation, flood control and soil formation.


Biodiversity is the variety of different types of life found on earth. It is a measure of the variety of organisms present in different ecosystems. This can refer to genetic variation, ecosystem variation, or species variation (number of species) within an area, biome, or planet.
The extremely high biodiversity of grassland in Moieciu de Sus and Fundata is manifested by the presence of not less than 10 orchid species and over 42 species of butterflies.
The varieties of plants that form the grassland in Fundata – Fundățica – Moieciu de Sus include, in addition to hundreds of species of vascular plants dozens of plant associations.

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Ecotourism is a tourism form in which the main motivation for the tourist is the observation and appreciation of nature and local traditions related to nature, having to achieve the following requirements:
It contributes to nature conservation and protection;
It supports the well-being of local people;
It has an educational component that creates nature conservation awareness, both for tourists and local communities;
It requires the lowest possible negative impact on the environment and on the socio-cultural component.
(Adopted by AER according to the World Tourism Organization definition)
The following principles have been adopted and promoted by the Association of Ecotourism in Romania (AER), based on two international models: Nature and Ecotourism Accreditation Program, developed by the Ecotourism Association of Australia, and Nature’s Best, the certification system of the Swedish Ecotourism Association. AER’s approach is that these principles should be put into practice by those who offer ecotourism products as well as by those who plan the ecotourism-based development of an area.
1. Focus on natural areas
2. The interpretation of the ecotourism product
3. The principle of sustainable development from the point of view of nature protection
4. Ecotourism contributes to nature protection
5. Ecotourism contributes to the development of local communities
6. The level of tourist satisfaction
7. The principle of responsible marketing
Ecotourism definition adopted and promoted by AER

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Moieciu de Sus


Moieciu de Sus is the village where CEM is located and operates.
We love these places and this beautiful scenery, we love the people of Moieciu and for all this we try to keep and preserve the natural and traditional environment.
We have trust in us and we believe that our efforts are not in vain. The joy of those who have discovered Moieciu with us gives us strength to continue.
We know that if you get to know Moieciu beyond the paved roads, you’ll want to come back to these places again. The mountains are so close, the nature’s charming, the morning sound is different, and the smell of hay is compelling.
Walking trails for the whole family or for different mountain sports enthusiasts awaits you.