Fundata Ecotourism Association

Data inceperii proiectului: 01/03/2016
Proiectul s-a incheiat la data: 31/03/2016
Acest proiect nu implica voluntari!

During the “Conservation of agro-pastoral landscape and biodiversity in the Fundata-Moieciu de Sus” project funded by SEE 2009 – 2014 grants, in the NGO Fund in Romania, Sustainable Development component two ecotourism associations were set up in the area of the project.
The ‘Fundata Ecotourism Association’ was established in Fundata.
The purpose of the association is to promote the concept of eco-tourism and the development of ecotourism to support nature conservation, the sustainable development of the local community in the area with natural values of Fundata and increase the quality of services related to ecotourism and promoting nature as an essential element of the tourist image of Fundata in particular and of Romania in general.
The objectives of the association are:
1. Nature conservation, biodiversity and sustainable development in Fundata;
2. Creating and promoting a well-defined image of Fundata as an ecotourism destination, both national and international level;
3. Developing ecotourism services and infrastructure according to the proposed Eco-Destinations levels in Romania, and promoting them;
4. Development and promotion of tourism products: thematic paths, trails, interpretation panels and visitor centers.
5. Develop strategies for ecotourism in and around national/ natural parks and protected areas – Bucegi Natural Park, Piatra Mountains National Park etc.
6. Work closely with the local community to develop awareness and understanding of the long-term benefits of sustainable development and to apply them.
7. Preserving, promoting and value the traditions and customs as ecotourism attractions;
8. Organize and/ or participate in cultural events (symposiums, conferences, seminars, etc.), sports, both domestic and international;
9. Develop collaboration with other organizations
10. Environmental and cultural education of children and adults from the local community and the visitors of the region.






Membrii fondatori: Oncioiu Claudiu-Ioan, Lungociu Ioan-Tudor, Branovici Traian-Richard, Stoian Denisa Madalina

2016 02 22 – FINAL Statut Fundata Ecoturistica