Treasures from the drowy chest

Data inceperii proiectului: 01/07/2018
Proiectul s-a incheiat la data: 15/11/2018
Acest proiect implica voluntari!
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The project, entitled as suggestive as it can be, “The Treasures of Dowry Chests at the Carpathian Gate”, certainly occupies a place on the podium of the most valuable works of this type, both in terms of the approach of cultural values belonging equally to the material and immaterial cultural heritage, as well as through a rigorous scientific approach with a practical purpose, in ways that the village community itself, the heir, is aware of and involved in. The topic of cultural approach has also a symbolic value  as the dowry chest is the treasure of the traditional family, passing from generation to generation in the most important moment of life – the marriage.

foto-site-547Wandering through the villages of Bran, the authors of the project discovered in the grandparents’ dowry chests the richness of the textile patrimony specific to the area (popular garments, bedspreads and carpets etc.), preserved in the belief that the heritage is holy, it is from mother, grandmother or great-grandmother. Noting that there are people who still keep, collect and preserve these pieces in small private collections along with other items of ethnographic heritage, the authors of the project intended to stimulate their and the whole community interest in preserving and promoting these identity values by wearing them during holidays, or during some cultural events marking milestones in the life of the village.

The project aims at revitalizing household crafts related to the production of textile items (weaving the cloth, the frieze and the homespun, sewing and embroidering the feast shirts, knitting the wool flannels) in different ways, at home and guesthouses, by organizing workshops. These can also be forms of promoting textile heritage within some activities integrated in the cultural tourism.

The project has a practical goal as it identifies ethnographic heritage items, offers ways of preserving and promoting it, and, at the same time, it aims at reactivating domestic crafts, which will lead to the preservation of the local cultural specificity along with other traditional identity values.


Digitized Reasons and Symbols from the Braner costumes  in the Carpathian Gate