Fundata – Moieciu de Sus Ecodestination

Data inceperii proiectului: 01/04/2016
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The project “Fundata – Moieciu de Sus Ecodestination” is implemented by the “Center of Mountain Ecology” Foundation, in partnership with Fundata UAT.
The project brings an alternative to the local economical development necessities, by emphasizing on the conservation of the natural and cultural patrimony of the Fundata – Moieciu de Sus area, and setting the premises for a representative ecotourist destination.

The objectives of the project are: the making and operating of 6 informational and advertisement frames for promoting the area, during a period of 14 months; the participatory development of the Ecotourist Development Plan for the Fundata – Moieciu de Sus area, during a period of 8 months; the increase of the touristic experience quality by certifying 3 thematic tours as ecotours, during a period of 8 months;  the creation of 2 functional and participatory frames for the management and the funding of the Ecodestination, during a period of 10 months. The organizational development of our Foundation and our partners by upgrading the qualifications of our staff and by re-branding the websites.

To accomplish the projects objectives we will carry out the following main activities: drawing up the concept of ecotouristical development of the area, building the website of the ecodestination, organizing local events, evaluating ecotouristically 3 thematic tours, setting up a formal partnership for the management of the destination, elaborating the concept of a financial mechanism to guarantee the nature conservation in the area.

The outcome of the project is: 1 concept of ecotourist development, 2 representative local events, the printing and distribution of advertising materials (leaflets, ecotourist map, events calendar), the creation of a web page, participation at 2 tourism fairs, 1 formal partnership for the management of the destination, 1 concept of financial mechanism. The beneficiaries of the project are: local public authorities, locals, tourists, private investors, NGOs.
The project unfolds during a period of 14 months. The value of the project is 79.775,00 CHF, from which the requested amount is 71.733,68 CHF and the personal contribution is 8.041,32 CHF.

Project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.

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