“Conservation of agro-pastoral landscape and biodiversity in the Fundata – Moieciu de Sus”

Data inceperii proiectului: 01/03/2015
Proiectul s-a incheiat la data: 30/04/2016
Acest proiect implica voluntari!
Pagina de facebook a proiectului: www.facebook.com/PeisajeAgroPastorale

Mihai Benea expo 15 In the last two decades and especially in the last decade, with the structural change in the occupation of the local community from the Fundata  – Moieciu de Sus area and directing it to the tourism industry, it is seen an increase in the grassland abandonment process and hence the changing of the mountainous agro pastoral landscape. This change is manifested either by abandoning grassland processing, either by changing the destination of the grassland areas to the building areas, industrial recreational areas, parking lots.
By implementing the project “Conservation of agro-pastoral landscape and biodiversity in the Fundata  -Moieciu de Sus” the applicant “Centrul de Ecologie Montana” aims to create prerequisites for a sustainable development of the area through ecotourism as an essential factor in preserving the agro-pastoral landscape.

The overall objective of the project: the conservation of the agro-pastoral landscape and the biodiversity in the DAP Fundata -Moieciu de Sus by implementing concrete measures for sustainable development of ecotourism.
The results: At the end of the project we will have a basic ecotourism information system designed for Commune Fundata and Moieciu de Sus village with the increase of a minimum 20% of the awareness and information of the need for conservation of the agro-pastoral landscape, the particular target group, at least 30 local craftsmen and artists identified and capitalized as ecotourism attraction, 10 hostels evaluated for certification in terms of ecotourism, to obtain a decision of the Local Council in the Commune Fundata for protecting biodiversity and local cultural heritage.

Mihai Benea expo 03The solution to the problem identified: involvement of the community members in creating the prerequisites for a sustainable development of the area through ecotourism as a key agro-pastoral landscape in conservation.
The beneficiaries: the two municipalities, the school students, owners of the 10 hostels in the project area, 30 local craftsmen and artists.
The target groups: the members of the local communities, tourists.
The indirect beneficiaries: the administration of the “Piatra Craiului National Park” and “Natural Park Bucegi”, The Brasov County Council, The Ministry of Environment, Composesoratul Moeciu, the families of children in the two communities, the educational institutions involved in the project, the small business practicing tourism in the area.
The partner, City Hall Fundata contributes to the project by providing logistics, offers support for volunteer recruitment, database statistics, promotes the project.
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